First Photo Publishing Experience

Northern Sea Otters, Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, Tacoma, Washington

Status: Endangered

I got the opportunity to photograph Nellie and Abra, two Northern Sea Otters that put on quite a show chasing each other. Their behavior was amazing, it almost appeared that they were posing for me doing twists and turns around the pool and made wonderful eye contact . After awhile they were ready to take a break and they laid on their backs with eyes shut, snuggling each other and drifting on the water effortlessly, resembling two skaters on ice. I captured over 200 images before calling it a day!

The images above are six of my favorite that got the attention of Barcoft Media, a London based company that works with newspapers, magazines and TV channels around the world and thought they would make a good picture story. My Media page contains digital tear sheets for the publications that chose these images.